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    Comparing the Napoleon, Weber, and Bull for the best Built-In Gas Grills.

    All of the built in gas grills reviews listed below would be the perfect appliance for mom’s outdoor “kitchen” this Mother’s Day, if you were looking for an excuse to get one. But these will be perfect for anyone’s outdoor kitchen!

    The 11 Best Built In Gas Grills In 2022 Are: 

  1. Napoleon LEX 730 Built-in Natural Gas Grill
  2. Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 825 Built-in Propane Gas Grill
  3. Napoleon LEX 605 Built-in Propane Gas Grill
  4. Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas Grill
  5. Bull Outdoor Products 26038 Outlaw Drop In Grill Head
  6. DiamondBack Built-in Grill 3 Burner Propane
  7. KitchenAid 740-0781 Built in Propane Gas Grill
  8. Napoleon LEX 485 Built-In Grill 
  9. Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500
  10. Bull Outdoor Products 62649 Diablo 6 Burner Grill
  11. Lion Premium Grills 90823 40″ Natural Gas

There are two main things that you will want when looking for a built in gas grill:

Firstly: Something that will seamlessly fit into your outdoor space. Secondly: A grill that will cook as well as your indoor oven.

Am I right?

The great thing about built-in or “Drop in” Outdoor gas grills is they will do everything a traditional grill will do, but they will do them better!

These are a serious invested me into your backyard kitchen, you will want to buy the best and have it last. This isn’t something that you will just get out a few times a year, this will be a permanent feature to your house.

This means you will want perfectly seared meats, hot dogs with charred  but not burnt grill marks and AMAZING racks of ribs.

Nepoleon LEX 730 Built-In Gas Grill

Great Price

Napoleon LEX 730 Built-In Grill with Infrared Rotisserie

PRICE: $$$

95,500 BTU

6 Burners

1025 sq. in Cooking Area

28 x 43 x 23 in

Rated by Nathan

Nepoleon LEX 485 Gas Grill

Infrared Rotisserie

Napoleon LEX 485 Built-In Grill (BILEX485PSS-1), Propane Gas

PRICE: $$$

16,000 BTU

3 Burners

675 sq. in Cooking Area

29.75 x 21.5 x 7.5 in

Rated by Nathan

Weber Summit S-460 Built In Gas Grill

Super Quality

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill

PRICE: $$$

48, 000 BTU

4 Burners

580 sq. in Cooking Area

31 x 34 x 50.5 in

Rated by Nathan

It is just a matter of preference which grill meets your outdoor cooking needs.  Below is a list of and reviews of the best built-in grills of 2022 to help in making the decision which is right for your favorite cook.

Reviews Of The Best Built-In Grills Of 2022

1. Napoleon LEX 730 Built-in Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX 730 Built-In Grill with Infrared Rotisserie


  • 95,500 BTU’s
  • Six burners
  • 1025 square inches of cooking area
  • The bottom and rear burner are ceramic infrared
  • Has a removable drip pan and warming rack
  • Equipped with i-Glow/night light control knobs
  • Natural gas or propane fuel options

The Napoleon LEX 730 Gas Grill Head is one of the best grills of 2022 and you will probably not want to cook indoors again.  This grill is much more than just a barbeque grill; you can bake, sear, and rotisserie your favorite meats and foods on it.

With an infrared bottom burner that allows you to sear food quickly, locking in the flavor of the food as it is cooking.  The Napoleon LEX 730 heats up to 1800 degrees in a matter of seconds.  With a JETFIRE system for igniting the burners flames, your barbecue is guaranteed to light every time.  

The double-walled, stainless-steel lid allows your food to be cooked in an oven-like environment, with the ability to retain heat for baking foods for slow-cooking and roasting purposes.  This is very versatile that you will not want to cook with anything else.


  • 1025 square inches of grilling space (enough for forty hamburgers)
  • six burners
  • JETFIRE ignition system
  • iGLOW knobs for easy night grilling.
  • 106,500 BTUs


  • The only negative “con” about the Napoleon 730 model is that it does not have a wood chips smoker tray.
  • Larger than what most people would need
  • Pricey

Is this product for me?

I would have to agree that this product would be perfect for my family’s needs.  We love the versatility that the Napoleon LEX 730 Gas Grill gives us in that we can put our food on the barbecue and it practically cooks itself!  No more undercooked or overcooked meats with the Napoleon LEX 730 grill.  

With the temperature controlled setting everything is cooked perfectly and if something needs cooking longer, we can keep the already cooked food warm on the warming rack.  

This ensures that dinner is served all at once.  The glowing control knobs on the burners are perfect for those warm summer nights when it is too hot to cook during the day and we want to sit outdoors and enjoy the evening air and a late dinner.


The Napoleon LES 730 Gas Grill has received five-star rating by customers and numerous positive customer reviews.  The only negative I have seen about this grill is it does not have a wood chips smoker tray; however, it does have the capabilities of being used as a smoker.  

The positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones.  This gas grill is guaranteed to last your family for several years of grilling enjoyment.  You will never go back to traditional barbequing again once you have discovered the Napoleon LEX 730 stainless steel gas grill.

2. Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 825 Built-in Propane Gas Grill


Just as all Napoleon grills, the Napoleon Prestige PRO 825 Built In Grill has many technical specifications to ensure an enjoyable grilling experience.  These specifications and features include the following:

  • Nine burners in all for cooking various foods
  • A heating capacity of 100,000 BTUs;
  • The total cooking area of this grill is 1245 square inches;
  • This gas grill is equipped with stainless steel 9.5 mm WAVE cooking grids;
  • Has a warming rack and a removable drip pan;
  • Fuel options of propane or natural gas available;
  • Can purchase the Napoleon PRO 825 Buil in Grill cover which is made of a durable and water resistant fabric, has air vents, and hanging loops;
  • There is also a Napoleon Cast Iron Charcoal and Smoker Tray available for this and most other Napoleon gas grills

This is another member of the Napoleon family of fantastic grills.  What better gift to get for the mom of your household?  Make this a Mother’s Day to remember and she will make every meal with this an unforgettable delicious occasion.

This is another exquisitely, spacious gas grill created for the Napoleon brand of gas grills.  If you are having a large outdoor meal for several people, the Napoleon Prestige PRO 825 is the perfect choice in grills.  This has is constructed of durable stainless steel with chrome accents that literally glow with a luxurious sense of style.  

This will add a touch of class and elegance to your outdoor kitchen in which your guests will complement it, and be impressed by how great the food you cook on it tastes.  

The blue NIGHT LIGHT control knobs make grilling at night more enjoyable because there is no worrying about whether or not you left a burner burning after you finished cooking.  

There are so many options available for when cooking on this grill, with the two separate grill heads.  If it’s a seared steak you desire tonight; or a rotisserie chicken you want to cook for dinner, you can do it all on the Napoleon BIPRO825RBIPSS-2 Prestige Pro 825 Built-in Propane Gas barbecue with Infrared Rotisserie.  

As an added bonus, this gas grill also can be converted to a smoker when you use the wood chip smoker tray.


  • Large grilling space (1245 square inches)
  • Nine burners
  • Durable maters
  • Excellent quality of construction
  • Versatile (separate cooking areas)
  • Attractive design


  • There currently are no customer reviews on this however, the only negative I could find about this grill is that it is not available for international shipping.
  • The larger the grill, means the more space you have to clean
  • Stainless steel is likely to discolor around hotspots as time passes

Is this product for me?

This grill has everything I would need for my outdoor parties for several people or just cozy barbeque evenings for two. 

I would have to say that I think this built in grill would be a perfect fit for my outdoor kitchen accessories.  

Cooking a whole chicken will no longer be an issue with the Napoleon Prestige PRO 825, I can put it on the infrared rotisserie and let it slow cook while I prepare the rest of the meal and wait for my guests to arrive.


The Napoleon Prestige PRO 825 has yet to receive any customer reviews but is sure to receive the same five star ratings as the other Napoleon grills have received.

 This grill is actually a ten-star in my rating book!  If you are looking for excellence and a rewarding grilling experience, then this is the gas grill for you!

3. Napoleon LEX 605 Built-in Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Grill with Infrared Rotisserie (BILEX605RBIPSS), Propane Gas


  • A space saver easy roll top lift lid;
  • Grilling capacity of 850 square inches;
  • Propane required;
  • For easy clean-ups comes with a removable drip pan;
  • Jet fire ignition system;
  • Stainless steel wave cooking grids;
  • ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge;
  • I-GLOW backlit control knobs;
  • With sturdy weighted, ever-lasting stainless steel viable burners and sear plates for vaporizing the drippings and controlling flame flare-ups;
  • A high-intensity ceramic infrared bottom burner on the right side to enable searing perfection.

This is another one of the Napoleon Built in Propane Gas Grills that has infrared rear and bottom burners.  

This barbecue is constructed with a propane grill head that has been constructed with premier standard elements.  The Napoleon grills brand has outdone itself again with extreme quality and workmanship of propane gas grills.

The Napoleon BILEX605RBIPSS Built in Propane Gas Grill is an excellent buy for your money.  You get the quality of the Napoleon brand name and won’t have to break the bank to do so.

This grill is equipped with five burners and is guaranteed to be a positive addition to your backyard kitchen area.  This built in grill is very versatile, allowing you to use one or all five burners at once while you are grilling so you can cook an entire meal.  

It doesn’t matter if you are cooking hot dogs or steaks, with the Napoleon BILEX605RBIPSS gas grill, the stainless cooking grids will give you that iconic Napoleon sear marks of a professional grill cookout.  

A double-walled lid gives your grill an oven-like cooking environment which creates a way to preserve the heat so you can bake or slow roast your food.

This is equipped with a JET FIRE ignition system which ensures a quick light every time you are ready to fire up that grill.  When you add this to your outdoor kitchen you will soon discover that this barbeque can do it all.


  • Large grilling space (850 square inches)
  • JETFIRE ignition
  • iGLOW knobs for night grilling ease.
  • Excellent feature to price ratio
  • High-quality construction
  • Attractive design


  • Drip pan fills up with rainwater rather quickly when it rains
  • Heavy at 300 lbs. so only practical for permanent installation.

Is this product for me?

Yes.  This product is actually quite right for me and my family’s grilling needs. 

Affordably priced, this grill will make a handsome addition to my backyard kitchen and patio area.  With the I-GLOW control knobs, it will make those summer night grilling session much more enjoyable because no longer will I have to wonder if I shut off the burners when I am done cooking.


The Napoleon BILEX605RBIPSS Built in Propane Gas Grill has received five-star ratings in 92% of the customer reviews.

I am not sure what this 8% was looking for in a gas grill, maybe they thought this would have more cooking space? This offers the griller the versatility of grilling and baking and will make your next barbecue a very tasty experience indeed.

4. Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill


  • Has four burners
  • Input of 48,800 BTU per hour
  • A sear burner with 10,600 BTU per hour
  • Smoker burner and smoker box with 6800 BTU per hour input
  • 580 square inches of cooking area
  • Snap-Jet individual burner igniter system
  • Stainless steel flavorizer bars, lid and doors
  • Infinite control burner valves
  • A thermometer that is built in the lid
  • Grease tray and catch pan is front access
  • Slide frame design

The Weber Summit S-460 Built-in Natural Gas Grill is much like the Napoleon brands with similar features, however a little more pricey.  Some say the Weber name is worth the extra cost, a name that stands for durability and lasting quality.

Many of the features of the Weber Summit S-460 are similar to the Napoleon grills; however, the igniter system is a “Snap-Jet” instead of “JET FIRE”; A Different name but the same concept and effect. 

There are not as many square inches of cooking space as the other three Napoleon grills, something some might think is a worthwhile trade for the Weber name.  

The Napoleon grills have the ACCU-GLOW controller knobs that the Weber model is lacking—this was a bonus for the griller who likes to barbeque at nighttime during the summertime when it is too hot to cook during the daylight hours.


  • Attractive and modern design
  • Able to be used under any weather conditions
  • Good pricing
  • High-quality
  • Easy protection mechanism


  • Natural gas only – not able to be converted to propane.
  • Smoker box has too much airflow

Is this product for me?

Even though the Weber Summit S-460 model is an attractive model with several features, I do not think this one is for me. 

I like the features of the Napoleon models much better.  I am more of a night barbeque person myself and was really sold by the ACCU-GLOW controller knob features.  

We are also into throwing large neighborhood grilling parties and need the extra square inches of cooking space that the Napoleon barbeque offers.


The Weber Summit S-460 built in grill has a five-star rating by 40% of the consumers; a four-star rating by 50% of the consumers and a one-star rating by 10% of the consumers.  

In comparison, we think the Napoleon brands offer much more grilling excitement than the Weber model.  

However, if you prefer the Weber model I am certain you will get a lot of enjoyment out of your backyard kitchen events and have a name brand that you love and trust.

5. Bull Outdoor Products 26038 Outlaw Drop In Grill Head

Bull Outdoor Products 26038 Liquid Propane Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head


  • Comes with four porcelain burners
  • A 210 square inch warming rack
  • 810 square inches of cooking space
  • Warranty of 2-years on the burners; 5-years on the fire box and grates
  • Cut-out dimensions: 31” W x 21”D x 9 ½ “
  • 15000 BTUs cooking power for each of the four porcelain burners; a total of 60,000 BTUs

The Bull Outdoor Grills 26038 Liquid Propane Outlaw Drop In Grill Head gas grill is manufactured by the company “Bull Grills”—celebrating 25 years of excellent service.  This head is just as efficient as the standard grills, you just “drop it in” the space in your outdoor kitchen that you want the grill.

If you are conscientious about getting a value for your “buck” then this is the bbq grill for you.  This grill gives you all the cooking and warming space of the previously mentioned bbq grills for about half the price.  

Using solid stainless cooking grills, this model uses liquid propane as its source for cooking.  This drop in grill head can be the perfect addition to your backyard kitchen island, hook up the liquid propane and you are ready for your first summer cookout.  

(Even though you will be using this for more than just summertime cookouts; you may never want to cook indoors again).


  • 810 square inches for grilling
  • 210 square inches for keeping food warm.
  • Four porcelain coated cooking burners
  • Total 60,000 BTUs (15,000 for each burner)
  • Solid stainless steel grates
  • Every valve has a Piezo Igniters


  • There weren’t any negative review about this grill. The only “negative” review was due to sloppy shipping by Amazon, but fortunately, according to the customer nothing was damaged.
  • Some reports of rust after a while
  • Some found it difficult to adjust the flames

Is this for me?

The price is right, and the features fit—I think I would be fine with this grill in my backyard kitchen island.  With plenty of cooking space to cook all my favorite foods for our friends and family the Bull 26038 grill head is an excellent choice for our barbecue needs.

The only negative, is the knobs are not lit up as the Napoleon brands do; however, for a price that is about half of the Napoleon brands, I think I can make some accommodations for the lack of lighting on the control knobs.


As a final “wrap up” of this grilling comparison—these three brands, Napoleon, Weber, and Bull all offer an excellent quality of barbeque/cooking grills.  

Taking the outdoor kitchen to the next level; no longer is it dad outdoors slaving over a charcoal grill and lighter fluid threatening to burn down the house, because he overdoes it with the charcoal fluid and starts a roaring fire on that tiny portable charcoal grill!!  

Dad (and mom) can now look like professional barbecue chefs as they sear steaks and hot dogs like a pro and cook rotisserie chicken to perfection.  Everything that is cooked on these grills will be cooked to perfection because of the temperature controls.

6. DiamondBack Built-in Grill 3 Burner Propane

DiamondBack Built-in Grill 3 Burner Propane LP Natural Gas


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 410 square inches in size
  • 3 burners per unit
  • 10,000 BTUs of output per burner
  • Propane compatible
  • Burner Jets included

This gas grill is perfect for users who have outdoor kitchens as its construction allows it to withstand the elements without damage and deterioration. The burners are made from the same high quality materials as the structure and feature burner guards for increased durability.

The DiamondBack built-in grill has a very low ticket price tag which is an excellent choice for persons who may be on a budget as they won’t have to sacrifice quality for cost.

Square footage for this selection is not as large as other designs. However, each burner has its own igniter which gives you full control to decide which burners you’ll need and how you desire to use them.


  • Simple design that is easy to operate
  • Low price range
  • Compact design fits into small spaces
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Plumbing is a challenge to hide due to its location at the front of the structure
  • The mechanism used to secure the knobs can make it a challenge to adjust the temperature

Is this product for me?

This outdoor product is ideal for persons who do light and casual grilling. Perfect for an afternoon of burgers and hot dogs. If you don’t have a large amount of experience with this type of machinery, the installation is quick and easy with controls that are simple to use.

The compact design allows this item to be incorporated into any small designated space in your backyard. It does not take up much room which allows it to fit easily into any area.


The DiamondBack built-in grill has an average star rating of 3.5 out of a total of five stars with 34% of consumers giving it 4 stars.

The 22% of persons giving this product a 1 star had their product for over a year and were dissatisfied with the rate of wear on the item which affected the quality of the product’s performance.

7. KitchenAid 740-0781 Built in Propane Gas Grill

KitchenAid 740-0781 Built Propane Gas Grill


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Natural gas compatible
  • 10 year warranty
  • No assembly required
  • 884 square inches of cooking space

The KitchenAid built-in propane gas grill has some amazing features for the grill enthusiast that make the job seamless and efficient. There are angled flame tamers which protects users from fire flare-ups and helps direct drippings, so they are absorbed into your food to give it that “smoke” flavor.

This selection has a high price range but it’s no wonder why. With over 17,000 BTUs per burner, a ceramic burner specifically designed for rotisserie style cooking and a built-in thermometer for heat regulation this is a well-equipped, diversified piece of equipment.

You can consider this design a large sized grill as it checks in at 884 square feet which is more than a standard size. It also offers a four burner option with electronic ignition for quick and easy start up.


  • Considerable size cooking surface (884 square feet)
  • Even cooking with no hot spots
  • Easy to clean
  • No assembly required
  • Lightweight


  • Quality control may be low, and some parts can arrive defective
  • It may be a challenge getting replacement parts for this item

Is this product for me?

The KitchenAid built in propane gas grill is definitely an item for more serious grill enthusiasts and persons who do more heavy-duty or volume cooking. Its features are geared toward improving the overall quality of foods and preserving the classic flavors.

Despite its size, this selection is quite lightweight compared to other brands on the market tipping the scales at a mere 108 lbs. This feature increases its portability and makes this product easy to move around if you don’t have a designated area for it.


This product has an average star rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 with 38% of reviewers giving it a 5 star rating.

Only 25% of the individuals who gave their opinions on the product gave it a one star rating almost all of which were due to poor quality control by the company as they received a product with parts that were faulty.

8. Napoleon LEX 485 Built-In Grill

Napoleon LEX 485 Built-In Grill (BILEX485PSS-1), Propane Gas


  • Propane gas compatible
  • Chrome accents
  • Sear plates
  • 16,000 BTUs per burner
  • 3 burners
  • LED back light
  • 675 square inches of cooking space

If you’re looking for versatility, this selection checks all the right boxes. You can use it as an open grill or use the double walled lid for baking as well as searing. This design gives you the option of making wave sear marks on your food.

It has four stainless steel tube burners that allow you to achieve even cooking every time with individual controls for each burner, putting you in the driver’s seat. Individual burners have an output of up to 16,000 BTUs each.

Electronic ignition is used to initiate this device which ensures an easy and quick start up ever time which is perfect for individuals that may not be skilled at this particular task.


  • Installation is simple
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Even cooking
  • Lightweight


  • Directions may not be clearly understood by everyone
  • It can be a challenge to access customer service for this brand

Is this product for me?

If you veteran when it comes to the built in grills this item should be no problem for you. It has a host of features that allows you to cook different styles of food by rearranging the equipment accordingly.

With 675 square feet of cooking space and independent burners you can prepare a small intimate meal or make it an even for the family. There are accessories such as a charcoal tray and smoker tube that helps with meal diversity.


The Napoleon LEX built in grill has an overall rating of 3.6 stars out of a total of 5 with 60% of reviews offering a 5 star rating.

The 20% that gave a 1 star rating had issues setting up the product properly and had challenges getting into contact with someone from the company who could assist them with their concern.

9. Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500

Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500


  • 13,200 BTUs per burner
  • 5 tube burners
  • 760 inches of total cooking space
  • Natural gas compatible

When it comes to durability, this brand is one of the best options available on the market today. It is constructed from stainless steel with cast iron cooking grids which not only add extra durability but promote even cooking.

This design uses jetfire ignition which ensures you have no problems when it comes time to light your steel tube burners. Multiple burners with individual controls gives you a wide range of options when it comes to cooking style and technique.

Each burner has a capacity of 13,200 BTUs and give you the option of using direct or indirect cooking methods. The infrared burners at the back are designed specifically for rotisserie style cooking.


  • Even cooking
  • Extremely durable
  • Aluminum cast grids
  • Easy to install
  • Stylish design


  • The instruction manual can be a challenge for some persons to follow
  • Quality control on this grill may be low as some parts can be delivered with defects

Is this product for me?

Options are the name of the game, and this selection is certainly winning. In addition to standard grilling, you can also do rotisserie meals as well as smoke your food. The versatility of this product gives you just what you want when it comes to options.

There are 760 square inches of cooking space which is more than adequate for any sized gathering. At 108 pounds this lightweight product is very portable making it easy to maneuver if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen set up.


This Napoleon built in grill has an average star rating of 3.7 out of a possible 5 stars with 64% of reviews offering a 5 star rating.

The 9% of persons that gave this product just 1 star seem to have received a less than perfect product due to poor quality control by the company.

10. Bull Outdoor Products 62649 Diablo 6 Burner Grill

Bull Outdoor Products 62649 Diablo


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 15,000 BTUs per burner
  • 6 burners per unit
  • Infrared back burner
  • Twin Lighting system

This design is one of the most efficient you’ll find on the market today. Special technology was employed to ensure there is even heat distribution on the entire surface of the grill not just in the middle where the burners are.

The Diablo gas grill has a built-in infrared back burner grills that can be used for cooking rotisserie meals and the flame tamers installed on the item helps to promote even an even distribution of heat.

An interior twin lighting system has been installed in this item which allows you to easily and effectively achieve ignition even at more difficult times such as nighttime when it is harder to see and navigate the system.


  • 90,000 total BTUs
  • Warming rack is 32 square inches
  • Lifetime warranty on burners
  • Lifetime warranty on grates
  • Lifetime warranty on fire box


  • This item has a very high price range
  • The design used for this product is more suited to commercial than home use

Is this product for me?

The size of this product is incredible as it offers 1200 square inches of cooking surface and is specially designed to ensure even heat at every contact point. This is excellent for improving efficiency which is of optimal importance in a commercial kitchen.

With over 50% better heating you’ll feel like you have the support you want and need when it comes to cooking.


This built in grill only had one customer review, but it was a five star review. The user was most impressed by the features they got at the sticker price offered. It seems to be a great buy.

11. Lion Premium Grills 90823 40″ Natural Gas

Lion Premium Grills 90823


  • 5 burners per unit
  • 18,000 BTUs per burner
  • Commercial design
  • 1000+ square inches of cooking space
  • Built in Infrared back burner

When you purchase an item, your main concern is its longevity, and the Lion brand has certainly met our expectations with this product. They offer a lifetime warranty on their burners, so the only thing you have to worry about is what you’ll be cooking next.

There are quite a few cooking techniques that can be performed with this selection including as it features an infrared back burner for rotisserie styled meals, a cover for baking and a griddle for searing.

Also included, in addition to your grill, is a smoke box which can be used to smoke foods giving it that unique and distinct flavor you won’t get with other basic techniques. With cast, double layered and welded stainless steel, this product is built to last.


  • Multiple cooking options
  • Durable design
  • Affordable price
  • Efficient cooking surface
  • Flame tamers


  • Can be a challenge to clean after use
  • The quality control of some retailers may not be at the standards of the manufacturing company

Is this product for me?

Product value is a major concern when it comes big ticket items like kitchen appliances, and this product is not only commercial grade, but it also offers a reasonable price so you get value for your money.

There are features installed for the sole purpose of making your experience more comfortable and the product more user-friendly such as interior lights which allow you to cook at any time of day under various conditions.


The average star rating on this product 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars with 85% of users giving a full 5 star rating.

The lowest star rating given to this selection is 3 starts and that was a mere 5% of consumers. If you are looking for value at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place.

Final Thoughts

No more burned or undercooked meat.  It doesn’t matter which built in grill you prefer to purchase, each one of these grills meets the qualities of being one of the “Best Built-in Gas Grills for 2022”.  

So pick the grill that best fits your needs, and enjoy the next cook out taking pride in knowing you are providing your friends and family to the very best in cookout technology.  

Whether it is a romantic meal for two, a more cozy family meal for a huge, backyard blowout neighborhood potluck and barbecue!

Cheaper Grills

If the price of a built in grill is a bit too much for you, do not worry we have you covered!

We have reviewed all types of grills for all types of budgets. You can view of other top lists for the best under 300 bucks here, under $500 dollars here, and if you are really on a tight budget the best gas grill under $200 here.

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