Are you inclined towards a healthy feeding lifestyle? Well, the George Foreman Grills might help you to live that lifestyle. They are well known for their ability to cook delicious and healthy foods.

The brand has been on the market for a very long time and its reputation is pretty good. Grilling your meals is much easier and convenient with most of the George Foreman Grills.

​With so many models available on the market, choosing the best one might pose a challenge especially if you are new to the world of grilling.

Other than the reviews, you will find some interesting information about George Foreman Grills. Make sure you share this write up with friends who have an insatiable appetite for grilled food.




​Surface (in2)

​Dimensions (in)

​Weight (lbs)


1 GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor


​22.2 × 20.5 × 13


​2 GRP0004R

George Foreman GRP0004R


​17.2 x 12.1 x 6.2


​3 ​GR114



​20.8 x 7.8 x 15.1


​4 GRP4800R

​George Foreman GRP4800R


​8.5 x 15 x 13.5


​5 5-Serving Removable Plate Next Grilleration Grill

5-Serving Removable Plate Next Grilleration


​17.2 x 6.3 x 12


Reviews of the Best George Foreman Grills for 2019

In this section, I am going to review only five. Well, there are over 50 George Foreman grills available but I cannot cover them all. All in all, you will find something that suits your grilling needs. This does not mean all the other are ​rubbish: they still make great grills. Anyway, let’s dive straight into the bad boys that I’ve picked for you.

1. George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

The GGR50B happens to be the oldest and most popular electric currently. The grill has been around for almost two decades, and it is still receiving 5 star reviews from clients.

The good thing about this indoor/outdoor grill is the fact that the manufacturer has been improving its features. I bought this model last year and I have zero regrets.

This bad boy ticks all the boxes in terms of performance, durability and versatility. Below are some of the things I like about the GGR50B.

It’s s versatile

Most connoisseurs and grilling enthusiasts love using this mainly because of its versatility. You can use this electric grill indoors and outdoors.

I am pretty sure this is music to the ears for guys who live in apartments and condors. You can now prepare your steaks, vegetables and dessert in the kitchen or balcony.

This has been made possible by the fact that GGR50B relies on electricity to cook. Moreover, its stand can be removed whenever you want to use it on the kitchen counter. Isn’t this great for such an affordable grill?

Solid Performance

The performance is one of the key talking points of the George Foreman GGR50B. For the few months I have been using this, I can confirm that it’s super efficient when it comes to cooking meals. What’s more? You can control the temperature to achieve tasty and evenly cooked food.

Besides, you can start cooking immediately after you turn ​on. This means you can prepare meals for your friends or family within a short period of time.

Great Features

It is impossible to review this ​without mentioning its cool features. If you’re looking for a grill that has lots of features, then the GGR50B might be your best option.

For instance, it comes with a low profile countertop stand, which comes in handy when cooking indoors. The other cool feature is the adjustable temperature control; you have five temperature modes to choose from.

You can adjust the temperatures depending on the type of meal you are preparing. Finally, this features a sloped grilling surface which helps in reducing fats in steaks. At least you get to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal when using this.


  • ​Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • ​It cooks pretty fast
  • ​You don’t have to turn your steaks or food
  • ​It is easy to clean especially because of the removable grill plate
  • ​It’s affordable and reliable
  • ​Features a​ non-stick coating


  • ​The removable stand becomes wobbly with time


The GGR50B is the best with a removable plate. It is definitely an ideal choice for those who are looking for a grill that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This provides plenty of space (240 square inches) to prepare up to 15+ servings.

2. George Foreman GRP0004R


The GR0004R happens to be the first runners up in this roundup. This is the ideal option for small families. You can count on this ​anytime you want to prepare fast meals for your family. Besides, this is an electric grill and it does the job faster than propane and charcoal grills. Below are some of the few attributes that I like about this.

Removable Plate

Having a grill that has removable plates is one of the key priorities for people who are looking for the top rated ​grills. Amazingly, the GRP0004R comes with removable plates which make cleaning easier. In fact, you can clean them from the sink or in a dishwasher because they are finished using a nonstick coating.

5 servings

As much as this looks compact, it provides 72 square inches of grilling space. I bet this is enough space to prepare a meal for a family of 4 or 5 people. At least you will spend little time cooking for the whole family since you can grill different foods simultaneously.

Awesome Features

The GRP0004R has plenty of features that ensure you have a wonderful grilling experience. For starters, it has a temperature indicator light which signals you when the grill is ready to cook.

The second feature which is common in all George Foreman Grills is the fat removing slope. This unique feature helps in draining up to 42% of fat from steaks.

Besides, the it comes with a drip tray which collects all the drained fats. Finally, the GRP0004R comes with a floating hinge which adjusts depending on the amount of foods you are grilling.


  • ​Even heat distribution across the removable plates
  • ​The plates are dishwasher safe
  • ​Cooks pretty fast because of the panini press that speeds up heating
  • ​It is ideal for burgers and sandwiches


  • ​You can’t adjust temperatures when using this grill.


The GR0004R has all the features you might be looking for in an indoor electric grill. There is no doubt that this will be a perfect addition to your kitchen collection. It’s super great when it comes to preparing light and fast meals.

3. ​George Foreman 9-Serving Classic Plate Electric Grill ​GR144

9-Serving Classic Plate Electric Grill ​GR144

The Foreman GR144 has always been rated as one of the best Foreman grills especially because of its large cooking surface. With this, you can prepare meals for up to five people simultaneously. Old school people will definitely like this electric grill because of its simplicity. Yeah, it is a grill that doesn’t have a lot of features. Anyway, here is why I think GR144 is a great choice:

Large space

One of the key attributes of this Foreman grill is its 144 square inches space. You can literally grill chunks of meats or huge amounts of foods on it. The space can accommodate up to 9 servings at a time.

This explains why this ​is great for large families. You just have to ensure that your kitchen top has enough space to accommodate this bad boy.

Easy to use

As I mentioned earlier, the GR144 model is a simple looking grill which you will enjoy using. Operating this is straightforward as there is nothing complicated.

Cleaning ​is also an easy task because it comes with durable removable plates. Besides, the plates have a nonstick coating that makes them dishwasher safe.

It’s Affordable

Honestly, most of the Grills are sold at a fair price. However, the GR144 stands out from the rest because of its price. It is very rare to get a 144 square inches grill at such a friendly price.​

At least you will be getting some good value for your money when you invest in this Foreman grill.


  • ​Comes with removable plates
  • ​It’s affordable
  • ​Has a large cooking area
  • ​Has a clear indicator light
  • ​Comes with a removable drip tray
  • ​Dishwasher safe plates


  • ​Lacks temperature control and timer


The GR144 Foreman grill has several features that allows you to have a great grilling experience. This is great for large families and people who love hosting dinner parties.

4. George Foreman Evolve GRP4800R

Evolve GRP4800R

If you still haven’t found one of your choice, you might as well consider the GRP4800R model. It is one of the most advanced Foreman Electric Grills in the market. The digital generation will definitely find this to be a great investment. So, what sets it apart from the other Foreman grills? Keep calm, as you are just about to find out.

Impeccable design

It goes without saying that ​this did a great job designing the GRP4800R. Unlike most foreman grills, this model is available in four colors. It is up to you to choose the color that matches your kitchen style. Besides, this comes with a space that can accommodate 5 servings at once.

Stellar Performance

Being one of the top rated Foremans, the GRP4800R is well known for its performance.

For starters, it comes with a grill, bake dish, muffin pan, panini press and the evolve multi-plate grill system. You can literally prepare all the kinds of foods you want with this advanced grill. Besides, the heating element allows for even heat distribution on the removable plates.

Solid Features

As you would expect of any advanced electric grill, the GRP4800R has plenty of cool features.

Unlike my other picks, this one features a digital control panel which makes it easy for you to adjust temperatures and shuffle into different settings.

You will also like the removable drip tray because it allows you to collect and dispose fats easily. Finally, you can adjust the angle of your grill to maximize the removal of fats.


  • ​Has a digital control system which relays data
  • ​Multi-plate grill system
  • ​Has awesome ceramic plates
  • ​Adjustable slope
  • ​3 year warranty
  • ​Comes with a timer


  • ​High price tag


Honestly, this is one of the most versatile grills you will find. Its multi-plate grill system allows you to prepare a wide variety of meals. This is the one to go for if you are after performance, advanced features and ease of use.

5. George Foreman GRP4-1

George Foreman GRP4-1

The GRP4-1 is my final pick in this roundup, but it is still a very good Foreman grill. I am saying this because the grill takes less time to heat up. Besides, the cooking area is quite large, thus allowing you to grill large chunks of meat. Well, it might not have temperature control, but its performance is pretty impressive. In case you don’t have a lot of money to splash on a grill, the GRP4-1 is your best bet.

Great features

This ​grill has some nice features that we can’t afford to ignore. One of the features is an indicator light which alerts you when the grill is ready to use.

Secondly,​ it has the patented fat removal slope design which helps reduce the amount of fat in meats. What’s more? The grill heats up quickly ensuring that the heat is distributed evenly on the removable plates.

Another important feature is the floating hinge, it comes in handy when you want to grill something large.

Nice design

We can’t deny the fact that this George Foreman has an incredible design. It is rare to come across a grill that features a crisp black and white design. This color combination allows the grill to blend perfectly in a modern kitchen.

Moreover, it comes with a 72 square inches cooking space which allows you to prepare food for a small group.

Easy to use

If you have gone through all the products, you might have noticed that George Foreman Grills are easy to use. Even with the GRP4-1, everything is straightforward and easy to execute. Besides, the nonstick coating makes cleaning much easier.


  • ​Attractive modern design
  • ​Indicator light
  • ​Floating hinge
  • ​Enough cooking space
  • ​Comes with triple reinforced removable plates
  • ​Heats quickly


  • ​No temperature control


The GRP4-1 is an ideal choice if you are looking for an affordable George Foreman grill. This will blend perfectly with any modern kitchen. Besides, its floating hinge compensates for the lack of temperature control.

What Makes George Foreman Grills Special?

Most people are always wondering why George Foreman Grills are so popular. Well, stick with me as you are just about to find out the reasons why these grills are hyped up. For your information, this brand has been around since 1990. This shows that the company has unmatched experience to come up with high-end products. Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in GF.

They depend on electricity

One of the features I really like about ​them is the fact that they don’t rely on charcoal or propane. Besides, they do not consume a lot of energy thus making them super efficient. These grills are unique in the sense that they can hit high temperatures within a short time.

Tasty and healthy meals

Some people will always argue that charcoal and gas grill are the best when it comes to flavor. Does that mean electric grills won’t make the cut? Not really, in fact, they are much better because they make delicious food that has low amounts of cholesterol.

They are easy to clean

Cleaning and maintaining​ is pretty easy because of its non stick coating. The coating allows you to wipe the cooking grates with a towel before it cools. Besides, some of the models come with removable cooking plates that can be a cleaned in a dishwasher.

Factors to consider when buying

All George Foreman grills tend to be great, but you don’t just buy one without considering the following factors:

Cooking Space

This should be the most important feature you ought to consider when shopping for your grill. George Foreman grills are available in small and large sizes. Those with small cooking spaces (72 square inches) are ideal for small families and quick meals. If you have a large family, consider choosing a grill that has a large cooking area. A good example is the GGR50B model which has a whooping 240 square inches of cooking area.


Most ​grills differ a lot when it comes to temperature control and heating. Some come with a temperature control system while others don’t. You will also find some that hit high temperature pretty fast. You have to consider the temperature aspect if you want to get a top rated foreman grill.


You will find that some grills come with extra accessories to improve your grilling experience. Of course you’ll have to dig deeper into your wallet to get such a grill. Some of these accessories include a drip tray, removable stand, safety equipment and protection cover. The number of accessories that come with a grill depends on the price.


Honestly, the warranty is a factor that most people ignore. You should always confirm the warranty period on George Foreman’s official website. Make sure you lean towards grills that have a longer warranty period. At least you will always be at ease when using the grill.


I am certain that you’ve already identified the perfect George Foreman grill for your cooking adventures. There are so many models out there that are great but I was only able to pick the best five. I hope you will have a nice grilling experience with your new Foreman grill.

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