With summer just around the corner, a beach vacation is probably on everyone’s to-do list. But if you’re looking for a beach with an island twist, Oak Island Beach is a great option. Located in North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands, this beach offers a variety of activities that make it an ideal destination for family vacations and weekend getaways alike.

From fishing and swimming to sunbathing and grilling, there’s something for everyone at Oak Island. In this blog post, we’ll discuss can you grill on Oak Island Beach, can you fish off Oak Island Beach and what kind of fish can you catch off Oak Island Beach. We will also provide some final thoughts on grilling at Oak Island Beach so you can make the most of your beach vacation.

Grilling on Oak Island Beach

Oak Island beach is a popular destination for visitors who want to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. While there are no town ordinances against drinking alcohol on the beach, visitors can still get into trouble if they don’t follow proper safety guidelines. Grilling is allowed on Oak Island beaches with a permit, but law enforcement should be consulted to ensure that it is permitted on the beach at any given time. To obtain a permit, you must apply online at least 72 hours before your cookout. Additionally, it is important to follow safe grilling practices and be mindful of other beachgoers. Before leaving the beach, make sure to properly clean up after your cookout and put out any fires you have started. Between November 16th and April 30th no grilling is allowed on Oak Island beaches.

Can You Fish Off Oak Island Beach?

As Oak Island beach is a public beach, anyone can access it. However, while Bonfire Etiquette is followed strictly at all beaches, strict restrictions apply to bonfires on oak island beach due to the local laws and environmental regulations.

The Oak Island Fire Marshal has specified certain rules and restrictions for bonfires on oak island beach. A permit must be obtained 72 hours before the scheduled date of the bonfire for grilling. Grills are not allowed on decks due to city ordinances. A designated fire pit must be located at least 20 feet from any structure or water body.

Moreover, no smoking, fires larger than 4 feet in diameter, open flames, alcohol consumption, and fireworks are permitted at the bonfire site.

What Kind of Fish Can You Catch Off Oak Island Beach?

Oak Island beach offers a variety of fish species for surf fishing, including King Mackerel, Cobia, Whiting (Virginia mullet), Pompano, Spots, Sharks, Tarpon, Amberjack, Jack crevalle, Sheepshead, Black drum, Red drum, croaker, Grey trout, Ladyfish, and Spadefish. Anglers can take their catches to the Fish House Restaurant at Blue Water Point Motel and Marina to enjoy the day’s haul. The restaurant at the motel has a menu that caters to both sea and land-based fishermen.

Oak Island beach is one of the most popular surfing beaches on the North Carolina coast. It is also home to a state park that offers camping sites as well as access to trails and amenities such as beaches and picnic areas. There are several restaurants in the area that offer outdoor seating when the weather permits. If you’re looking for an exciting day of fishing off Oak Island beach but aren’t sure where to start or what species to target look no further than the local fish house for some expert advice.

Final Thoughts on Grilling at Oak Island Beach

  • Grilling is not permitted on Oak Island Beach between May 1st and November 15th due to the sea turtle nesting season. However, fires and grills are allowed with a permit outside of this period. A permit must be obtained 72 hours before the scheduled date of the bonfire and no smoking is permitted at the beach.
  • Alcohol is permitted on the beach but visitors must clean up any cigarette butts and any trash before they leave. In addition, fires and grills must be set back at least 50 feet from any structure and 25 feet from all dune vegetation.
  • Check with local law enforcement for more information on grilling at the beach. Also, avoid using charcoal grills or open fires as these can displace sea turtle hatchlings or eggs.
  • Lastly, be cautious when lighting fireworks as this can scare away sea turtle hatchlings or eggs.


Oak Island Beach is a great spot to relax and take in the sights of nature. But one of the most popular activities on the beach is grilling. Whether you’re looking to have a day full of barbecuing with friends or just want to grill some burgers for yourself, Oak Island can provide you with the perfect backdrop. But before you fire up the grill, it’s important to know what kind of grilling is allowed at Oak Island Beach. In this blog post, we’ll discuss whether you can grill on Oak Island Beach and what other activities are available there. We’ll also look at whether you can fish off Oak Island Beach and what type of fish can be found in its waters. Finally, we’ll provide some tips and advice for grilling at Oak Island Beach.