Gas grills are usually built with solid materials and they tend to last longer than charcoal grills but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it completely. Even the best gas grills under $500 will break down if not taken care of. Maintaining your gas grill is easy and it will help prolong its lifespan for years to come.


Burners tend to get clogged, gunk build-up can cause flare-ups, and even rust can start to deteriorate your precious gas burner. Some clean their grills once or twice a year by completely deep-cleaning it. Others clean it every few months depending on the usage but my suggestion is that you should clean your grill every few months for it to last.

Here is what you’ll need to clean your gas grill:

  • Grill brush
  • A bucket of warm, soapy water
  • An old sponge
  • An old rag

1. Grab your grill brush and start scrubbing the grill grates to remove the gunk build-up. Make sure to thoroughly brush every nook and cranny and brush with extra force to completely remove the debris. After brushing the top side, take the grates out. You’ll see that the bottom part needs a good brushing as well. Brush it thoroughly and set aside.

2. Take out the burner protectors and give it a good wash. Burner protectors can get fairly dirty because they do just that – protect your burners from grease and gunk that could otherwise clog it. You can take them out easily and give them a good thorough cleaning.

Grab the burner protectors and soak them in a bucket of warm, soapy water. Grab your sponge and give it a good cleaning, making sure to remove the gunk as much as you can. Dry the burner protectors and set aside for now.

3. Wipe off the dirt from the burners. Your gas grill’s burners will take a beating after a long use and they too are prone to collecting all sorts of dirt. Some burners are easily removed while others can be quite challenging. My suggestion is to keep them intact and wipe them with a soapy sponge.

You’ll be surprised with how much gunk the burners can accumulate over time. If you don’t wipe it down completely, the burners can get clogged and its performance will suffer.

Gas Grill

4. Take out the plates from the bottom of the burners. After giving the burners a good clean, it’s time to go down deeper and give the base a clean as well. Take out the plates and submerge them in a bucket of soapy water. Grab your grill brush and scrub the plates thoroughly, making sure to remove as much debris as possible. Take out the tray and give it a deep clean as well.

5. Wipe down the whole gas grill with a soapy wet rag. Grease can accumulate on your gas grill so make sure to wipe it down completely from top to bottom with a soapy wet rag. Grab a dry rag and give your grill one last wipe and it’ll come out squeaky clean!

6. Now, place the tray and the plates back in place. Return the burner protectors and the grates and now your grill is back in good condition!

​How Often Should I Clean My Grill

I like to clean my grills once every few months since I use them frequently. When to clean your grill is entirely dependent on your usage. If you use your gas grills once in a while, then giving them a deep clean once or twice a year will suffice. If you use it frequently like I do, you’ll also need to clean them frequently to ensure it’ll perform well each time you use it. So the next time you find your gas grills all greasy and gunked up, give it a clean and I guarantee you, the difference in its performance will be night and day!

​Cheaper Grills

​If you do not have the time to clean and maintain your gas grill then it might be worth getting a cheaper option like one under $200 or a gas grill under $300 if you want a few more features.