How To Prevent Steak From Curling

Are you tired of your steaks curling up on the grill? It can be a real pain to try and cook an evenly cooked steak when it’s all curled up. In this post, we’ll go over some simple techniques for preventing your steak from curling and achieving perfectly flat, evenly cooked results every time.

So let’s get started!

Why Do Steaks Curl?

Before we dive into how to prevent steak from curling, let’s take a look at why it happens in the first place.

The primary reason that steaks curl is due to the muscle fibers in the meat contracting as they are heated during cooking. As these muscles contract, they cause the steak to shrink and curl inwards towards itself.

This effect is magnified if there is fat present on one side of the steak; as this fat melts away during cooking, it causes an uneven contraction which further contributes to curling.

Additionally, higher cooking temperatures will also cause more pronounced curling effects due to increased muscle contraction; conversely lower temperatures will result in less pronounced curls or even no curls at all!

Pre-Cooking Techniques to Prevent Curling

Pounding the Steak

One way to help prevent your steaks from curling is by pounding them with a meat mallet prior to cooking. By pounding out the muscle fibers within the steak before cooking begins, you can help reduce their tendency towards contracting and thus reduce their potential for causing curls during grilling or searing.

When using a meat mallet for this purpose make sure that you wrap each piece of meat securely with plastic wrap so that any juices don’t escape while pounding – otherwise you may end up with dryer than desirable results after grilling!

Additionally make sure not press too hard when pounding – just enough pressure should do it!

Marinating The Steak

Another technique for helping prevent your steaks from curling is marinating them prior to grilling or searing. Marinades work by tenderizing tough cuts of beef through chemical processes such as enzymatic action (e.g., papaya enzymes) or acidity (e.g., vinegar).

These processes break down proteins within beef which helps relax its muscle fibers and prevents them from contracting too much during cooking – thus reducing their ability for causing curls while being grilled or seared!

When selecting a marinade make sure that it contains acidic ingredients like vinegar since these are most effective at breaking down proteins within beef; additionally leave enough time for marination (at least 1-2 hours) so that all flavors have time fully penetrate into each piece of meat before beginning grilling/searing process!

Scoring The Fat

If there is visible fat on one side of your cut of beef then scoring this fat can also help reduce its propensity towards forming curls while being cooked on high heat sources such as barbecues or cast iron skillets/grills pans etc..

To score fat properly use a sharp knife and make shallow cuts at regular intervals across surface area – this will allow heat energy access directly underneath fatty layer which helps promote even heating throughout entire cut without having one side become overly contracted due to resulting temperature differences between two sides (i.e., hotter vs cooler).

Additionally scoring fats allows rendered oils/fats drip away more easily instead pooling around edges where they could potentially contribute further towards creating unwanted curves during searing process !

Pre-Heating And Searing The Steak

Finally preheating both sides of your cut before beginning actual searing process can also help reduce chances that steak will curl up while being cooked on high heat sources like barbecues etc..

Preheating works by sealing moisture inside each piece allowing juices remain intact longer periods times without evaporating away quickly leading drier than desired results afterwards; additionally preheating also helps create better sear marks outside giving finished product more attractive appearance overall!.

When preheating either use heavy skillet/grill pan placed over medium-high flame source OR alternatively consider investing specialized “steak presses” designed specifically flatten out pieces meats prior start actual grilling/searing phase!.

Cooking Techniques To Prevent Curling

Now let’s move onto some tips related specifically related toward actually preparing our steaks once ready begin grilling/searing process!. There few methods available us here including using grill presses weights controlling temperature levels etc…so let’s take closer look what options got available us shall we?!

Using A Grill Press Or Weight

One way ensure our steaks remain flat throughout entire duration cooking process involves using either specialized “grill presses” weights hold down top surface area keep pressed against hot surface below . Grill presses come variety shapes sizes depending upon size type cut meat looking cook however generally speaking should able find something suitable needs regardless whether looking cook single ribeye double porterhouse etc.

When applying weight top surface important apply even pressure across entire area avoid creating hotspots certain spots leading overcooked portions elsewhere . Also remember heavier object used greater chance success here so consider investing quality item if possible!.

Controlling The Cooking Temperature

Another key factor preventing our steaks becoming curled lies controlling temperature levels applied throughout duration preparation. Generally speaking higher temperatures lead increased muscle contraction therefore greater likelihood developing undesired curves whereas lower ones tend produce flatter surfaces overall .

To ensure optimal results here consider investing quality meat thermometer check temperature levels throughout cooking process avoid overcooking any particular area .

Additionally try avoid using overly high heat sources such as open flame barbecues instead opt for more moderate ones like electric grills etc…this will help reduce chances burning outside while still allowing inside cook through properly!.


Now that you know how to prevent steak from curling, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge into practice! With the right pre-cooking and cooking techniques, you can achieve perfectly flat, evenly cooked steaks every time.

So go ahead and give these tips a try – you won’t be disappointed!