Tailgate Party Ideas

Gameday has arrived! You’ve packed your coolers with cold beer and you’re ready to start grilling away. You’re pumped up and everyone is excited. What better way to support your favorite team than throwing an insane tailgate party? That’s right people, get your horns and foam fingers ready because we’re here going to tailgate city and start partying!

To make things even more exciting, here I’ve listed 7 awesome tailgate party ideas that will keep everyone entertained!


1. Set up a game day photo booth

Photo Booth

To kick things off, you can set up a game day photo booth and gather everyone around for taking pictures. This is perfect if you tailgate with plenty of friends and family. Set up a vertically striped black and white curtain on the back of your vehicle for a referee-striped theme and have each person hold your team’s football props. Enjoy taking pictures before the game starts!

2. DIY Foam Finger for the kids

The foam finger is the ultimate tailgate accessory for die hard fans. Representing your team with a massive finger does come with a downside; the official version is costly. Fortunately you can make your own foam finger for cheap!

This is perfect if you have little kids who love the sport as well. All you need is two 15” inch foams with a thickness of half an inch. Draw a hand with the index finger pointing upwards and cut them to size. Pick the colors that match your favorite team and start outlining the fingers with a marker.

Sandwich the two fingers together by gluing the sides and leaving the bottom open to slide your hand in. After it’s all set, your kids can now proudly wave their DIY foam finger and support their favorite team!

3. Set up a paper football table

If you’re an avid football fan, setting up a paper football table is definitely a must! It’s easy to do and everyone will have a great time playing. To start, you can print a 5 ft. x 4ft. football field and lay it down on a table or you can just draw a goal-line on each end of the table.

For the football, you can use a paper and fold it into a triangle that’s thick enough so it doesn’t fly off. The goal of the game is to get the paper football on the opposite end of the table without it falling.

The rules are pretty simple. You have 4 opportunities to push and slide the paper football to the end of your opponent’s table. If you fail to reach it by 4 tries, your opponent takes a turn. The scoring is 6 points when you score a touchdown.

Now here’s the fun part: The extra point! If you score a touchdown, your opponent will hold a goal-post sign by forming an L-shape with both hands and bringing them together. You will flick the paper football and if it goes inside, you get 1 point! It truly is one of the most entertaining tailgate party ideas!

4. Gameday glasses

For those of you who love drinking cold, dark beers during tailgates, why not fancy up those boring clear glasses and make them gameday specific?! This simple trick is perfect for any football fans out there.

All you need is white scotch tape and use it to create the white tape laces found on footballs. Easy as pie!

5. Goal Post Table Accessory

A small goal post table accessory is a great addition to any tailgate table and the fun part is that it’s DIY! All you need is 5 ¼ inch pvc pipes, two pvc elbow pipes, and a t-pvc pipe.

Start by stuffing the pot with artificial grass and make sure it’s packed enough so that the goal post will stand upright. Next, connect the pvc pipes to the t-pipe and use the elbow pipes to create the uprights. Place the goal post on the center of the pot and make sure it’s nice and stable.

You can add a small banner on your team’s logo and tie it on the uprights for a more customized team feel. What’s great about this project is that you can also use it for tabletop football during halftime!

6. Football Beverage Tub

Let everybody know you’re a football fan with this simple football beverage tub! You will need a large metal bucket and a brown synthetic leather or suede and some white scotch tape to accomplish this project.

It’s super easy to do and it’ll keep your beers nice and cold! Start by wrapping the suede or leather around the bucket and cut them down to size. Securely tape both ends of the wrap with a white scotch tape around the middle and make a football lace design out of it. For a snug fit, you can use clear tape and wrap it around the top and the bottom of the bucket.

Now you have a cool-looking drink bucket! Not only does it look great, but the fabric also holds up any condensation when you store your cold beers!

7. Football Strawberries

Take your tailgate delicacies to the next level by serving football-inspired chocolate strawberries! For this sporty strawberry twist, you will need dark and white chocolates, a ziploc, and fresh strawberries!

Football Strawberries

To start, line up a tray with wax paper. Wash the strawberries thoroughly. Begin by melting the dark chocolates in a pan. Remove from heat and dip the strawberries until fully covered. Place the dipped strawberries in the tray.

Next, melt the white chocolate on a hot pan. Remove from heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Transfer the melted white chocolate on a ziploc bag and cut the tip of the bag. Squeeze the white chocolate to draw laces onto the dipped strawberries.

Refrigerate overnight and bring them on game day the next day!

Make your tailgates more exciting with these awesome tailgate party ideas!

The next time you go out tailgating, give these ideas a try. I guarantee everyone will have fun and it’ll make rooting for your favorite team that much more exciting!